Bongani Fassie says kushubile, featuring ProKid on the new single and sounds like an announcement that he is here to stay. This single “Kushubile” is from Bongani Fassie’s new album “RISE” released with Universal Music SA. On the other hand listening to PRO’s flow, you’ll definitely feel that this single is meant to put all the haters and wannabe celebs in their place.  Iyo yo yo!!! it’s so on!

Bongani Fassie a.k.a Bongz won’t allow uSatane a mlawule [from PRO’s flow – Don’t let satan control you]. Bongani Fassie oozes with talent, it’s clear for all to see. If you are a doubting Thomas, still, then press play and here Bongani and PRO tell you straight to your face.

Bongani Fassie